Tips to Manage Your Wholesale Clothing Business

Wholesale clothing

Tips to Manage Your Wholesale Clothing Business Effectively Setting up and running a wholesale clothing business can be immensely challenging, though rewarding.  It comes with its unique set of complexities that you need to prepare ahead for if you want to succeed at it.  In this post, we will be looking into some of the […]

Drops Marketing for Apparel Businesses

Product Drops Marketing for Apparel Businesses Drops, also known as “seasonless” or “continual” collections, are a growing trend in the fashion industry. Instead of following traditional seasonal cycles of introducing new collections every few months, drops release new items more frequently and often without regard for seasonal trends.  While there are advantages to using drops, […]

A Complete Guide to Shopify Inventory Management for 2022

With more than a million registered businesses across 175 countries, Shopify is undoubtedly the top e-commerce platform of choice globally. These businesses leverage the flexibility of the Shopify platform and the tools that it provides. One factor that greatly influences the success of any Shopify merchant is how they handle their inventory management. This is […]

The Need for Fashion Brands to Have a Wholesale B2B eCommerce Store

Do Fashion Brands need a B2B eCommerce store? Fashion brands small and large have traditionally sold wholesale via face-to-face interactions – at trade shows or showrooms or the offices of the big retail stores. Over the past few years, you may have gotten on to a wholesale marketplace such as JOOR or NuOrder. These strategies […]