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  • Improve inventory control
  • Scale operations & grow revenues
  • Increase cost controls & profitability

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Uphance empowers you to make data-driven decisions, reduce waste, and boost efficiency—so you can focus on what you do best: creating amazing fashion. Experience the Uphance advantage and watch your apparel brand thrive with a complete apparel management system.

Lost opportunities and limited growth potential

Your systems may be hindering your growth and limiting your potential to succeed. Your operation needs to run like a well-oiled machine to achieve your growth goals.

Wasted time that could be spent selling or creating new products

You and your team may be spending time on mundane, repetitive tasks that can be automated. Let the system handle those tasks so you can focus on creating and growing.

Paying for multiple tools and resources to fill the gaps

You may be spending too much and not getting enough with your current systems that do not give you complete control over operations.

A perfectly optimized apparel management system offers a wide range of amazing benefits

Experience the power of comprehensive apparel management software expertly designed to address your inventory, production, cost control, agility, and sales needs, all in one seamless solution.

Real-Time Inventory Insights

Achieve optimal inventory levels with real-time visibility, informed purchasing decisions, and reduced stockouts and overstock.

Efficient Production

Streamline production planning and scheduling for minimized lead times, reduced delays, and enhanced manufacturing efficiency.

Cost Optimization and Profitability

Improve cost control across the supply chain, minimize waste, negotiate favorable pricing, and boost overall profitability.

Agility and Data-Driven Sales

Adapt quickly to market trends, leverage data analytics for demand forecasting, and increase sales and revenue through timely product availability.

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A complete apparel management software​


Develop products quickly, efficiently, at low cost with a PLM software


Manage customers, tasks and communication with Uphance's powerful CRM


Grow your sales via wholesale & retail –direct and marketplaces


Manage orders, invoices, fulfillment, returns, cancellations


An easy-to-use apparel ERP for businesses of all sizes


Uphance is an inventory management system exclusively designed for the apparel industry.


Never run out of stock. Manage inventory across all channels with ease. Inventory management across your multiple warehouses is also a walk in the park. 


Track your materials, purchases and control production costs


Uphance makes selling apparel products wholesale a breeze.


You don't need to use spreadsheets anymore to manage your warehouses and supply chain.


Move your B2B transactions online with your own branded portal


Integrations with other systems – eCommerce, accounting, warehouse



Get a 10x return on your investment

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Frequently asked Questions

The Uphance trial is good for 14-days. Simply sign up for the plan that seems to fit best based on the features shown above. If you are unsure, contact us via chat. Or, choose Plus, which is the most popular and most widely used plan. You can change your plan easily anytime.

We do not ask for payment information at the time of your trial. You will enter payment information only when you activate your subscription.

You do not have to enter credit card information for the trial. You will need that only when activating your subscription.

You can cancel an active subscription anytime. The cancelation takes effect at the end of the current period, whether monthly or annual. We do not offer refunds.

Yes, you can change plans anytime during your trial. You can also change plans after activating your subscription. Upgrades will take effect immediately and the payment for the current period is prorated and adjusted. Downgrades and cancellations take effect at the end of the current period, whether monthly or annual.

In your Uphance account, go to the Subscription page in the profile menu on the top right. You can change plans if needed, and then provide your payment details to activate your subscription.

Choose annual billing and you’ll get 20%-25% off our monthly prices.

Yes, you can email us anytime at [email protected] or reach us via the chat box at the bottom right. We provide the normal level of support during your trial period.

Apparel management software is a specialized software solution designed to streamline and automate various aspects of the apparel and fashion industry. It provides tools and features to manage and optimize operations across the entire apparel supply chain, from design and production to sales and distribution. Apparel management software is used by fashion brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance decision-making.

Key features and functionalities of apparel management software may include:

  1. Inventory Management: Track and manage inventory levels, optimize stock allocation, reduce stockouts and overstock, and automate reordering processes.

  2. Production Planning and Scheduling: Plan and schedule production processes, allocate resources, manage lead times, and monitor the progress of manufacturing.

  3. Design and Product Development: Manage the design and development of new products, create and store tech packs, and collaborate with designers and product development teams.

  4. Cost Control and Profitability: Optimize costs across the supply chain, calculate cost of goods sold (COGS), set pricing strategies, and analyze profitability.

  5. Sales and Order Management: Manage sales orders, track order status, generate invoices, and handle customer relationships.

  6. Supply Chain Management: Monitor and manage the entire supply chain, including sourcing raw materials, working with suppliers, and coordinating logistics and transportation.

  7. Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports and analyze data to gain insights into business performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

  8. Integration and Collaboration: Integrate with other business systems (e.g., accounting, e-commerce platforms) and facilitate collaboration among teams, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Apparel management software is designed to address the unique challenges and complexities of the fashion industry, helping businesses to stay competitive, agile, and responsive to changing market trends and consumer preferences.

Other terms for apparel management software include apparel ERP software, fashion ERP, fashion management software, etc.