How Uphance integrates with Shopify

eCommerce has become a bigger part of the brand strategy for most brands. I have previously written about how your core operating software should integrate with your eCommerce platform. Let us now look specifically about how Uphance integrates with Shopify. There are two primary components to the integration,  useful exchange of product information and smooth order fulfillment.
Uphance Shopify integration

Uphance Shopify integration

Product information

You have been designing, developing your products for a new season in Uphance and have been taking pre-orders from your wholesale customers. Once you are ready to launch that season to your direct consumers, you shouldn’t have to set that information up a second time on Shopify. You want to send all product data from Uphance to your Shopify store with a few button clicks. Uphance sends the detailed well-formatted HTML descriptions, multiple images for each variation, prices, product weight, customs and other shipping information to Shopify. With a recent enhancement, product tags are also now sent to Shopify from Uphance.

You may like to organize products in Uphance with each product having multiple color variations. This is easier when working with sales, production, inventory, etc. Your retail customer may like to see each color as a separate product. Uphance allows that flexibility when sending product data to Shopify.

Bring products from Shopify

This ability is useful only for new users of Uphance and does not have ongoing value. I find this abililty very useful for new users as they are getting started with Uphance. Products can be added into Uphance via a file import but this is a simpler option and recommended in most cases.

Order processing/fulfillment

Uphance previously brought orders in only if you were fulfilling in Uphance. If you fulfilled in Shopify, you could not see those orders in Uphance. Inventory synced but the rest of the information was unavailable.

Now, orders come in irrespective of whether you like to process them in Shopify or in Uphance. Mark them shipped in Shopify or record payments and that information flows into Uphance seamlessly. Choose to ship those orders from Uphance? No problem. The fulfillment status goes to Shopify.

To help with this, we have added some new options on Channel settings. You may choose to configure these differently for your Shopify channel versus your wholesale channels.

  • Do not send automatic emails
  • Create pick ticket automatically

How is this change helpful?

Having all of your sales in Uphance helps with more integrated reporting. Some of you were manually creating orders in Uphance even when you fulfilled them in Shopify. You no longer have to do that.

You may now only be selling on your Shopify store but as the market conditions and consumer trends evolve, you may choose to sell on wholesale or retail marketplaces. Our goal is to you help you keep your inventory and fulfillment processes running smoothly in one place irrespective of where you are selling.


Uphance allows you to sync “Available” or “Available from stock” inventory with Shopify. Available includes quantities from your production orders that are yet to be received. Available from stock looks what you currently have in stock and excludes quantities from unfulfilled orders and only the remaining will be available to sell on your store.

Other features in the integration

Multiple stores: Some brands separate Shopify stores for different regions, such as a US store and a Canada store. This may be due to the need to support different languages, currencies, etc.

Multiple warehouses:If you have multiple warehouses, you want your integration to have the ability to accurately affect inventories from a specific warehouse.

Not using Shopify?

If you are using WooCommerce for your eCommerce store, no worries. We have similar integration with that, as well. If you are using Shopify but have not integrated with Uphance, I highly recommend you connect them now.

What do you think?

Did I miss something important? Let me know in the comments below.

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