Best CRM Software For Retail and Wholesale Clothing Brands

If you run a fashion wholesale or retail brand, you will agree that managing communications with your customers can be laborious and time-consuming. This is especially true if you use manual systems like Gmail, as you would have to spend hours looking through past email responses, tracing email communications, sorting through past correspondence, etc. Doing so not only impacts your efficiency but can lead to lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

What to do? Utilize a customer relationship management software solution uniquely created for fashion brands. These solutions enable you to manage customer data efficiently, coordinate your marketing and sales team, streamline communication, and improve sales management.

Thankfully, there are a handful of these solutions on the market, and we will review the best ones in this post. So stay tuned.

Why Clothing Brands Need a CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management System

In the dynamic world of fashion retail, the relationship you maintain with your customers can make or break your brand. As trends come and go, the one constant factor that can drive your business forward is how well you understand and cater to your customers’ needs. This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system becomes an invaluable asset for clothing brands. Here’s why:

1. Deep Customer Insights

A CRM system helps clothing brands gather and analyze data on customer behaviors, preferences, and interactions. This data can include everything from purchase history and product preferences to response rates on marketing campaigns. Armed with this information, brands can create more effective marketing strategies, tailor product offerings, and even predict future buying trends, which leads to more personalized shopping experiences.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement

With a CRM, you can automate communications and ensure that your marketing messages reach the right people at the right time. Whether it’s through personalized email marketing, SMS campaigns, or social media interactions, a CRM makes it easier to engage with your audience consistently and relevantly. This regular, relevant communication helps build stronger relationships, enhancing customer loyalty and increasing lifetime value.

3. Streamlined Operations

CRMs can integrate with other tools and platforms, including e-commerce systems, inventory management, and more. This integration provides a seamless flow of information across all channels, which is crucial for maintaining a consistent and efficient operation. For instance, if a popular item is running low, the CRM can trigger a restock alert or inform customers about restocking dates, improving overall customer service.

3 Best CRM Systems for Clothing Brands

1. Uphance

Uphance CRM

Uphance is the CRM system of choice if you are looking for a software solution capable of streamlining communications with your retail or wholesale customers. In addition, Uphance makes it easy to manage your customers’ contacts and data from one spot without needing any additional software.

What’s more, Uphance makes it easy to manage buyer requests from your wholesale customers. You can also invite potential customers to your online wholesale store (which you can build using Uphance) with a few taps of the button.

Here’s an overview of Uphance’s CRM Features

  • Contact management
  • In-app emailing
  • Buyer requests management
  • Contact syncing with Shopify
  • Task management

Want to take Uphance for a spin? Schedule a demo right away to see things for yourself.


ShowroomHQ is one of those CRM solutions you run to when looking to keep your sales teams organized and efficient by making them focus more on selling than on managing communications. It features an email marketing tool, sales commission tracking, linesheet generation, etc.

Other features include:

  • Analytics to track email opens and clicks
  • Order management
  • Product tracking
  • Customer data management

SalesForce CRM

Very few software solutions can hold a candle to SalesForce when it comes to managing customer relationships and communications. For starters, SalesForce makes it easy to personalize communications with customers, leading to stronger brand loyalty. Another cool feature it offers is omnichannel order management, which can go a long way in simplifying your sales process.

Other key features SalesForce CRM offers include:

  • Customer service automation
  • Omnichannel customer engagement
  • Customer Service AI


Utilizing a CRM software for your clothing business can save you the hundreds of hours you’d have otherwise spent on managing email correspondence with customers via Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Thankfully, these software solutions are easy to use and offer several features you can leverage to streamline your business processes and grow your sales.

Still curious to see how Uphance can help you simplify customer relationship management? Schedule a demo right away.

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