Stitch Labs Alternative - Leveraging Uphance in 2021

Stitch Labs was a leading operations management platform for growing e-commerce brands until July 2020, when Square acquired the company. The acquisition announcement came with the news that Square would sunset the Stitch Labs platform. The management platform immediately stopped accepting new customers and eventually closed for business in Spring 2021.

Since Stitch Labs was discontinued, their customers have had to seek alternative management solutions. The natural solution to this problem for fast-growing fashion businesses is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that can help them streamline their operations and scale as required. However, ERPs are not all built equally, and fashion or e-commerce brands need to ascertain which one is best suited to their unique needs.

5 Features to Look out for in a Stitch Labs Alternative

For software or solution that plays a critical role in helping you achieve success, it’s essential to ask the right questions or carry out extensive research before adopting one. These questions or research should ideally help you determine which Stitch Labs alternative is the best fit for your current and future business needs.

Multi-channel Synchronization

For fashion businesses with a multi-channel strategy, having seamless communications between your sales channels is crucial to customer satisfaction and overall success. Your inventory management or apparel ERP software must be platform-agnostic and manage the flow of information across your enterprise channels. These channels include e-commerce platforms like Shopify, online marketplaces like Amazon, POS systems in-store, and shipping carriers like UPS and DHL.


Your apparel ERP software or Stitch Labs alternative must help you automate as many processes as possible. For instance, an ERP software solution can automate the entire shipping process, from printing shipping labels to tracking shipments in real-time and managing returns. Similarly, a reliable fashion ERP solution should help you automate the visualization of sales and inventory data for better insights into business performance.

Real-time Inventory Management and Forecasting

Your ERP software should seamlessly maintain an accurate record of your inventory across all your channels in real-time. This is essential for providing your sales channels with product availability records and inventory forecasting and restocking.

Support for Cloud and Mobile-friendly

To facilitate your multi-channel strategy, your alternative solution should allow you to access your business data and insights from any location or device. This can come in handy for trade shows and any other situations where you need to perform business activities on the go.

Warehouse Management

Your fashion ERP solution should include warehouse management functionality to improve your productivity and efficiency rapidly. This can help you balance inventory across your platforms, manage multiple warehouses, and improve your order picking accuracy.

Why is Uphance the Best Stitch Labs Alternative?

If you run a fast-growing fashion business, you’ll want to ensure that your business operations are streamlined and automated. You’ll also be looking to partner with a solution provider that understands the peculiarities of the fashion industry. Many fashion businesses have already benefited from switching from Stitch Labs to Uphance.

ERP for Fast-Growing Fashion Brands

Uphance provides a complete business management software solution for fast-growing fashion brands seeking to enhance their business operations and scale. Uphance is built to solve the unique operational challenges of the apparel industry, so you don’t have to make extensive tweaks before use.

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly connect the existing apps and services you already love with this Apparel ERP software. Integrating apps like Quickbooks for accounting and Shopify’s e-commerce platform can be done within minutes with Uphance.

Central Source of Truth

Uphance can serve as your central source of truth by helping you manage all your data from a single dashboard in a format that’s easy to read and analyze. The Uphance dashboard is highly intuitive and features an overview of your operations and seamless access to all sections of your business.

Streamlined Inventory Management & Forecasting

The Uphance inventory management system empowers you to manage your product and material records accurately. This makes forecasting stock trends easy and prevents products from going out of stock. Simply plug, play, and streamline your inventory management and forecasting within minutes.

Automated Reporting

Reporting with Uphance is automated and seamless. Uphance’s automated reporting functionality ensures that you always have real-time reports and data to make informed decisions across your enterprise, from insights into inventory trends to revenue forecasts. It also ensures that notifications and alerts are automatically sent out for every transactional activity or update to all relevant parties.

Shipping Automation

The Uphance ERP software can effectively automate your shipping process from manufacturers to your warehouse locations and vice versa. If you already have relationships with shipping services, you can simply integrate them into the platform for a truly automated experience.

Warehouse Management

Whether you operate single or multiple warehouse locations, Uphance has a built-in warehouse management system that streamlines your inventory management and effortlessly manages your relationship with shipping partners.

The Bottom Line: Leveraging Uphance in 2021

Stitch Labs is no longer up for consideration since it was discontinued in 2020. Uphance is a leading Stitch Labs alternative that helps fashion businesses enhance operations and grow. It can help you offer a smooth experience for customers regardless of their platform. To learn more about switching from Stitch Labs or any other management solution to Uphance, schedule a Demo to see this revolutionary solution in action.

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