APIs for 3PL integration

APIs for 3PL integration

Uphance announced the release of all APIs needed for third-party logistics providers to integrate with Uphance. Uphance users are primarily fashion brands that sell both wholesale and eCommerce. Some brands have their own in-house warehouse and shipping processes. Other brands outsource their warehousing to third-parties, in which case 3PL integration becomes essential.

3PL integration

Uphance has some 3PL integration already built and has plans to build some others. Uphance has now released the API needed for third-party logistics (3PL) providers to build their own integrations with Uphance.

3PLs can easily build integrations with Uphance using the newly published API. The first step in building the integration is to open a connection with Uphance. Details on how to make this happen are described in Uphance API for developers.

3PL integration via API

Bring Product information from Uphance

Once a connection is established, the 3PL would need to bring in product information from Uphance and this can be done using the Get All Products request from the Product API. 3PLs typically need all products to have a UPC or EAN code and it is up to the brand to ensure the required elements are properly populated. The 3PL will be notified of events related to new product creation, updates to existing products or deletion of products if it sets up webhooks for each of these events. Once a webhook notification is received, the 3PL should make a Get Product request with the Product ID to retrieve the new or updated product.

Sync Receiving Tickets

Next up would be receiving tickets, also called Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASN). In Uphance, these would be seen as deliveries on a Production Order. The 3PL can make a call to Get All Receiving Tickets from the Receiving Tickets API. In addition, configuring a webhook for notification on creation and deletion of receiving tickets is advised. Once a notification is received, a request to Get Receiving Ticket should be made with the specific Receiving Ticket ID. Once the goods receipt transaction is completed in the 3PL, a PUT request to update the status of the Receiving Ticket should be performed so that the receiving ticket is marked appropriately and the inventory in Uphance is incremented in keeping with that in the 3PL.

sync inventory with 3PL integration

Sync Pick Tickets

Pick Tickets would function exactly the same way. The brand will create the pick ticket in Uphance and the 3PL will receive notification of the newly created Pick Ticket via the webhook. A request to Get Pick Ticket with the specific ID will retrieve all details of the Pick Ticket. Once the pick ticket is shipped, a PUT request to update the status of the pick ticket to “Shipped” should be performed on the pick ticket. Uphance will deduct inventory accordingly to keep the inventory in sync with that in Uphance.

Other APIs

APIs for POS integrations are coming soon. Take a look at the Developer API documentation site for more details and updates.

Let us know in the comments below of other API needs you may have.

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