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What can a complete and modern Apparel ERP software system do for you?

Apparel processes cannot be handled with spreadsheets

So many different activities, processes and communication needs to be managed and just not possible with spreadsheets.

Traditional ERPs are too expensive and cumbersome

They do not handle apparel processes without extensive customizations and are impossible to implement for most brands with revenues under $100M.

Other Apparel ERP systems only do part of the job

They may only cover part of your needs but unfortunately not all. You will need other systems to handle PLM, CRM, Production or B2B

A complete Apparel ERP software to handle all your business needs

An Apparel ERP (enterprise resource planning) software should replace all your other systems and bring all the data under one roof for you to have one place for all reporting. While other ERP systems are only offering partial functionality, Uphance brings all your operations together and keeps your business running smoothly.

Apparel Product Lifecycle Management

Develop high quality products and low costs. Track and guide product development from design through all the development stages – prototype, samples, pre production and bulk production.
Manage all customer information along with their contacts and locations. Customer’s order history, outstanding invoices, etc. Their payment terms, credit limits, taxes, and much more.

Apparel Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Omnichannel selling

Acquire more customers. Sell everywhere. Your own eCommerce store. Your own wholesale B2B portal. Retail and wholesale marketplaces.
Order confirmations, invoices with various invoicing methods. Returns, credit notes, refunds, cancellations and other order related documents. PDFs, emails, automatically sent.

Apparel Order Management

Apparel Inventory Management

Have the right amount of stock always. Never run out of stock and never be caught with too much stock. Maximize sales with just the right inventory levels.
Whether you produce entirely in-house or outsource all produce or a mix between the two, Uphance has your needs fully covered.

Apparel Production Management

Apparel Wholesale B2B Portal

Establish your own online wholesale customer portal. Fully customizable to match the look and feel of your brand. Customers can view products, place orders, make payments.
Uphance provides mobile apps for Mobile Sales and Pick & Pack. These are available on both iOS and android platforms. They will function on phones and tablets.

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