7 Tech Pack Mistakes Every Designer Should Avoid

A tech pack is an essential document in the fashion and manufacturing industries, containing all the necessary details to turn a design into a physical product. Unfortunately, even small errors in a tech pack can lead to significant production delays and increased costs.

In this post, we’ll explore seven common tech pack mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure smoother production and higher quality outcomes.

But first, why are tech packs important? 

The Benefits of a Well-Constructed Tech Pack

tech pack mistakes to avoid
  1. Clarity and Precision in Production

    • Tech packs provide clear instructions to manufacturers, which helps in minimizing errors and reducing the need for costly corrections and do-overs. They ensure that everyone involved in the process—from pattern makers to seamstresses—understands the exact requirements.
  2. Efficiency and Time Management

    • With a detailed tech pack, production can move smoothly and efficiently. Manufacturers can plan and execute production runs quicker because they have all the information they need upfront, which helps in meeting deadlines and reducing time to market.
  3. Cost Control

    • By detailing exact specifications, tech packs help in avoiding the wastage of materials and resources. This precision cuts down on excess spending and allows for better budget control throughout the production process.
  4. Quality Assurance

    • Tech packs serve as a quality checklist for both the design team and the manufacturer. They allow for continuous quality checks throughout the production process, ensuring that the final product meets the set standards and design specifications.
  5. Effective Communication

    • They bridge the communication gap between designers and manufacturers, especially when they are located in different parts of the world. A good tech pack translates a designer’s vision into a language that manufacturers can understand, regardless of geographic and linguistic barriers.

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating Tech Packs

1. Incomplete Measurements

Precise and complete measurements are the backbone of any garment’s production. Missing a single measurement can lead to an ill-fitting final product, leading to revisions and increased costs. Always double-check your measurements for accuracy and completeness before sending the tech pack to the manufacturer.

2. Lack of Detailed Specifications

Vague specifications can be a recipe for disaster. It is crucial to specify all details, including material types, color codes, and construction details. This precision will help ensure that the manufacturer understands your vision perfectly and can replicate it without errors.

3. Poor Quality Images and Sketches

Visuals guide your manufacturing team more accurately than text. Including high-resolution images and detailed sketches prevents a lot of back-and-forth and misunderstandings. Ensure that your visuals clearly depict the design from multiple angles and include close-up shots of complex features or patterns.

4. Overlooking Finishing Details

Finishing touches like hems, zippers, buttons, and embroidery define the quality of the final product. Clearly specify all finishing details in your tech pack to avoid a generic or unfinished product.

5. Not Specifying Packaging Requirements

Packaging is often overlooked in tech packs. Specific packaging instructions, including materials, box sizes, and handling requirements, are essential to ensure products are delivered in top condition and are presented attractively to the end consumer.

6. Inaccurate Grading Information

Correct sizing across all variants is crucial. Providing detailed and accurate grading information helps prevent size discrepancies and ensures that all items fit consistently, regardless of size.

7. Failing to Update Changes

Tech packs are living documents that should be updated throughout the design and production process. Any changes made after the initial draft should be clearly documented and communicated to avoid mismatched expectations and products.

Create Tech Packs Faster and With Uphance

Creating tech packs manually won’t only consume your limited time but also open you to several costly errors, some of which we’ve discussed here. For this reason, you are better off using a tech pack software like Uphance. 

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