What is a Line Sheet? How can you use one to grow your wholesale sales?

Here are some basics on line sheets and advice on using them effectively for selling wholesale.

What is a line sheet?

A line sheet is a document commonly used in fashion by brands and designers to show off their product line to wholesale buyers. Your goal is to generate more wholesale orders from retailers and you want the line sheet to contain all relevant information needed for buyers to make that purchase decision.

What information should you include in a line sheet?

A line sheet normally includes the following.

  • Product images – You want simple, professional, color photos of your products with a white or neutral background.
  • Color options – list of colors that the product comes in. Ideally, display color swatches or actual colors squares or circles.
  • Size options – a simple list of sizes such as S, M, L, XL or 6-12.
  • Wholesale prices – wholesale prices in the buyer’s currency.
  • Suggested retail prices – suggested retail price in the buyer’s currency.
  • Order form – the line sheet can also act as an order form. Include spaces for order quantities to be entered directly on the line sheet.

Cover page

Include a cover page that gives an overview of your brand and what makes you unique. Make sure to include your logo and contact information.


You want to utilize a consistent layout and fonts that show your attention to detail. Orientation can be landscape or portrait.

Terms and conditions

Close the line sheet with a page showing terms and conditions. At a minimum, you want to include minimum order quantities, ship windows, shipping costs, return policy, payment terms. I will do a separate post on this topic soon.

How to make a line sheet?

You can make a line sheet using a word processing software such as Word or a graphics software such as Photoshop. But anybody who has ever needed to build one from scratch knows that setting up a template then dragging and dropping images, pricing and product information can take up a lot of time. It can also result in embarrassing typos, pricing errors, and general order mix-ups.

Line sheets in Uphance

When you use an apparel management software like Uphance to manage your products and orders, you’ve already spent time carefully entering products, images, and pricing into your system. So if you’re not already using Uphance to generate your line sheets, you may be pleased to discover that you can save a lot of time generating them directly inside of the software. Uphance users can create line sheets without hiring a graphic designer or spending time and money setting up additional programs or apps! Of course, an apparel management software is going to manage all other operational areas of your business and not just make line sheets for you.

One product with detailed descriptions and color swatch images
Multiple products per row

In addition to printed line sheets, Uphance allows you to create and share online line sheets. These are more interactive, allows your buyers to view them at their convenience, and allow them to place orders electronically at any time. These can be part of a B2B portal that establishes an online presence for your wholesale business.

Line sheet options
Sharing electronic line sheets

More about line sheets:

Find out more about how Uphance helps with line sheets at https://help.uphance.com/sales/line-sheets

Let me know in the comments below if you have attempted to create line sheets manually yourself or have tried to create a line sheet using an apparel management software.

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