What is a Line Sheet for Wholesale, and How Can it Grow Your Sales?

For any apparel brand looking to sell wholesale, line sheets are essential for success. When organized correctly, they can help you communicate vital information about your products to potential stockists or wholesalers. A disorganized line sheet could be costly for your brand. This article explores all the details you need to know about line sheets for wholesale and how to create a line sheet fashion brands can be proud of.

What is a Line Sheet?

A line sheet is a document commonly used in fashion by brands and designers to show off their product line to wholesale buyers. This remarkable document aims to generate more wholesale orders from retailers. So, you want the line sheet to contain all relevant information needed for buyers to make that purchase decision.

What information should you include in a line sheet?

When it comes to creating line sheets, there’s no formula that’s cast in stone. However, certain elements are crucial for helping you grow your wholesale orders. A line sheet template for wholesale typically includes the following elements.

Product images

You want simple, professional, color photos of your products with a white or neutral background. While there is no right or wrong way of incorporating product images into your line sheet for wholesale clients, you want to ensure that it reflects your branding and considers your audience. Photography can be a great way to leave a lasting image in the heart of your buyers. So, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using robust and straightforward product images for your line sheet.

Color options

When creating a line sheet for your fashion brand, you’ll need to include a list of colors that your product comes in. You should Ideally display color swatches or actual colors squares or circles. This ensures that you’re giving potential wholesalers or buyers all the information they need to place an order or make other decisions.

Size options

The ultimate goal of adding this information to your line sheet is to convey the options of your products available for purchase. Just like color options, your fashion line sheet should include a simple list of sizes such as S, M, L, XL, or 6-12. Details like this can empower wholesale buyers to decide what they need to order instantly.

Wholesale prices

Creating a line sheet fashion brands can use to grow wholesale orders would be grossly incomplete without prices in the buyer’s currency. Failure to add wholesale prices can be likened to sending out your lookbook or magazine. It’s a no-brainer to include the wholesale prices of products you’re trying to sell in a document you’re sending to wholesalers.

However, before listing your pricing, you’ll need to ensure that you have finalized your costing. Uphance’s production management capabilities can help you accurately determine your products’ final cost.

Suggested retail prices

Depending on your audience, you might need to include the suggested retail price (MSPR) in the buyer’s currency in your line sheet. For instance, if the wholesale price of your product is $100, you could add a suggested retail price of $200 or whatever works for your buying audience.

Order form

You’ve shown your potential buyers how great your product is; they’re feeling pumped about it and are ready to place an order. However, you didn’t include an order form. To prevent this costly mistake, you should include an order form in your line sheet. Your fashion line sheet can act as an order form that includes spaces for order quantities to be entered directly into the document.

Cover page

It won’t be enough to just present your products in your line sheet for wholesale orders to grow. You’ll need to give your buyers a glimpse of the kind of brand they’re likely to enter into business with. Ideally, you’ll need to include a cover page that gives an overview of your brand and what makes you unique. You should also include your logo and contact information.


You want to utilize a consistent layout and fonts that show your attention to detail. The orientation of the line sheet template can be landscape or portrait, depending on other factors like how your product images are laid out.

Terms and conditions

Once you’ve entered other essential information into your line sheet document, you should close it with a page showing your terms and conditions. As a minimum, you want to include minimum order quantities, ship windows, shipping costs, return policy, payment terms within your terms and conditions.

Free Line Sheet Template

A line sheet offers a clear way to pitch your products to wholesalers and stockists. It is essentially a presentation sales tool that allows you to put your best foot forward when it comes to converting buyers. We’ve compiled some of the best line sheet templates to serve as a starting point to help you understand what this document should look like and help you create one easily.

How to make a line sheet?

You can make a line sheet using word processing software such as Microsoft Word or graphics software like Adobe Photoshop. However, anyone who has ever needed to build line sheets from scratch knows that setting up a template then dragging and dropping images, pricing, and product information can take up a lot of time. It can also result in embarrassing typos, pricing errors, and general order mix-ups.

Line sheets in Uphance

One product with detailed descriptions and color swatch images

When you use an apparel management software like Uphance to manage your products and orders, you’ve already spent time carefully entering products, photos, and pricing into your system. So, if you’re not already using Uphance to generate your line sheets, you can save a significant amount of time generating them directly inside of the software.

Linesheet for wholesale growth
Multiple products per row

Uphance users can create line sheets without hiring a graphic designer or spending time and money setting up additional programs or apps. Most importantly, apparel management software can help you manage all other operational areas of your business and not just make line sheets for you.

In addition to printed line sheet documents, Uphance allows you to create and share online line sheets. These are far more interactive and let your buyers view them at their convenience. It also allows them to place orders electronically at any time. The use of line sheets like this can form an integral part of a comprehensive B2B portal that establishes an online presence for your wholesale business.

Linesheet sample

Sharing electronic line sheets

The Bottom Line

Line sheets aren’t another flashy document apparel brands can do without. They offer an excellent way for your brand to communicate critical information about your products and what your business is about. However, creating a line sheet fashion businesses can use for growing wholesale orders shouldn’t be a daunting experience. Uphance takes the hassle out of creating this document. With Uphance, you can create a line sheet example that plays a crucial role in your wholesale success.

Find out more about how Uphance helps with line sheets here.

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