Launch Your B2B Wholesale Fashion Platform in Minutes with Uphance​

Launch Your B2B Wholesale Fashion Platform in Minutes with Uphance

Uphance provides you with the tools to give your retailers an awesome buying experience as they shop on your B2B apparel platform, making them love your brand.

A B2B Fashion Wholesale Solution Built With Your Customers in Mind

A B2B Apparel Ecommerce Platform That Empowers Your Sales Reps for Optimal Performance

A B2B Commerce Solution Optimized for Seamless Buyer Self-Serve​

Why You Need a B2B eCommerce
Portal for Your Business

To drive conversion and uplift sales with purpose-built digital tools

To foster hassle-free collaboration with retailers for fruitful outcomes

To sell to retailers anywhere, any time efficiently and conveniently

B2B Essential Features That Make Wholesaling a Breeze

Customized Branding

Make your brand shine by customizing your B2B fashion eCommerce storefront to your heart’s content. Apply your brand colors, typeface, logo, etc. to ensure consistent branding across your sales channels. 

Flexible Merchandizing

Enjoy flexible merchandising by displaying your products in the order you want on your B2B eCommerce portal. You can display them based on price, season, etc. 

Assortment Curation

Create attention-grabbing assortments quickly. Share, view, edit assortments collaboratively. Send assortments to multiple customers at once.

Robust Cart Management

Make it easy for your customers to create multiple carts at once, share them, edit their content collaboratively in real-time, download product images and many more.

Product Favorites

Enable your customers to create favorite product lists. They can create as many lists as they want and add all the items in the list into a cart with a click of a button.

Product Banners

Excite your customers by creating catchy product banners, such as best-selling and trending products. Take things a bit further by creating discount banners to attract more sales.

Empower Your Sales Agents

Agents you add to your B2B eCommerce platform can create carts on behalf of customers, send assortments to multiple customers, and prospects for new customers.


See how many assortments you sent to prospects in a given period, how many opened it, the clicks and orders that came out of them, etc.

B2B Wholesale App

Take your business on the go by utilizing Uphance’s mobile sales app. Available on iOS and Android.

B2B Showroom ERP PLM

Streamline Your Backoffice Processes With Built-in Erp and Plm Modules

Uphance B2B platform comes with built-in ERP and PLM modules that simplify inventory management and product lifecycle management.

This means you don’t have to worry about connecting a third-party ERP to your fashion wholesale platform.

But if you have an existing ERP solution you wish to continue using, we can help you connect it to your B2B platform.


A B2B fashion commerce platform is a solution that lets you create a B2B eCommerce store to sell products to retailers, regardless of their location. These platforms come with built-in modules that allow you to manage your inventory, orders, payments, etc.

Put simply, a B2B platform is a sales portal that enables you to merchandize to wholesale customers interested in buying wholesale. It’s no different from a regular e-commerce store, only this time your target audience are businesses that want to retail your products.

While hiring a team of developers to build one for you might look like a good idea, it isn’t practical. Not only is this approach expensive but also time-consuming. As such, you are better off leveraging a B2B apparel ecommerce solution like Uphance. It allows you to create a stunning storefront for your wholesale business in minutes and manage your wholesale orders efficiently. 

For starters, a digital wholesale platform allows you to connect with retailers regardless of where they might be. In addition, an always-on platform ensures you capture sales round-the clock.

To a large extent, yes. Naming is a matter of personal preference.

Ready to move your business forward with a fashion wholesale solution built to grow with you?