Powerful Apparel & Garment Warehouse Management System

Fulfill your orders faster and improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse picks with Uphance. Reliably streamline your picking, fulfillment, and shipping processes, in a timely and error-free manner, every time.

apparel warehouse management software

Run your apparel Warehouse Like a Pro with Uphance

Maximize your warehouse management with minimal time and effort by leveraging Uphance’s warehouse management system.

Multi-warehousing Support

If you operate multiple warehouses, managing disparate inventories can be a hassle across these locations. Uphance can help you sync your data across multiple warehouse locations, and ensure that changes in any of these locations are updated in real-time. More importantly, add new warehouse locations as you scale with just a few clicks. You can also add warehouses from your 3PL provider.

Reliable Inventory Forecasting.

By providing an up-to-date record of your inventory changes across the board, Uphance can reliably make inventory forecasts for your fashion brand. This can help you prevent overstocking items or overselling out-of-stock items.

Dispatch and Tracking

A unified platform for dispatching and tracking orders across your locations. Uphance will also allow you to manage returns from online and offline channels effectively.

Digital Picking and Packing

Uphance provides highly customizable and versatile shipping workflows to ensure that your orders are fulfilled swiftly. From the creation of picking manifests and using group picking to automatically generating shipping labels and packing slips, Uphance simplifies picking and packing in your warehouses.
With digital picking and packing, an order is transmitted directly to the warehouse where a packing slip is generated. A picker uses the barcode on the slip to locate and pick the relevant products.

Paperless Inventory Transfer

Transferring inventory between locations can be a hassle. Uphance makes this a paperless experience by allowing you to move inventory between your warehouses with just a few clicks.

Barcode Scanning and Label Printing

Simplify your warehouse management experience with seamless barcode scanning and label printing. Barcode label printing is essential for helping pickers locate where products are stored and also for your inventory management system to track stock movements. Once products are scanned, your inventory management system tracks the code as it moves around your warehouse.

Warehouse App

Use the Uphance Warehouse app to manage your operations from your mobile or handheld device. The Uphance warehouse app allows you to digitally pick and pack orders by leveraging the built-in barcode scanner via your mobile device’s camera. It also provides an overview of all your packed orders and any outstanding pick tickets.

Bulk Updates

Uphance allows you to make bulk updates or take bulk actions to your orders or inventory. For instance, you can send multiple orders or returns to Xero using Uphance.

Data Analytics

Get a complete overview of all stock movements to help you limit the risks of overstocking, understocking, and deadstock. With Uphance, you can instantly preview these updates and make sense of how they affect your business.

Seamless Support Integrations

Uphance supports seamless integrations with value-adding services that further help to streamline your apparel warehouse management and operations.

Online Marketplaces

Expand your fulfillment capabilities by leveraging Uphance’s ERP integration with the leading e-commerce marketplaces available. For instance, you can receive orders from Amazon and fulfill them from your warehouse by integrating Amazon with Uphance. Similarly, you can sync your inventory with Shopify or The Iconic marketplace and align it with your warehouse stock.

Third-party (3PL) Integrations

Integrate with the top 3PL services and seamlessly send product data, pick tickets, advance shipment notifications to the service provider. You can also sync inventory and tracking information back to Uphance. 3PL providers like Microlistics, Bergen Logistics, and Moodja can be integrated seamlessly with Uphance.

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int dropbox


Copy orders, invoices, credit notes and other PDF documents from Uphance automatically to Dropbox, neatly organized into folders.


B2B Platform

Sell wholesale online with your own B2B eCommerce platform. Allow customers to place orders, view order status, view and pay invoices. Find out more about our B2B Platform.


Uphance Mobile Sales

Capture Sales anywhere on your phone or tablet, even without an internet connection. Increase sales. Save time and money. Find out more at Mobile Sales app


Uphance Payments

Process credit card payments seamlessly in Uphance and reduce effort. Accept payments on your showroom.

int shopify


Sell direct-to-consumer on your Shopify store but manage all product information such as descriptions, images, tags and prices in Uphance for omnichannel commerce. Manage inventory seamlessly in Uphance.

int woocommerce


Sell direct-to-consumer on your WooCommerce store but manage all product information such as descriptions, images, and prices in Uphance for omnichannel commerce. Manage inventory seamlessly in Uphance.

int xero


Xero is a world-leading online accounting software built for small business. Connect Xero with Uphance to reduce the effort in bookkeeping and reporting. Find more at Xero integration

int quickbooks


Quickbooks Online accounting integration with Stitchex to efficiently move invoices and payments.

int bergen logistics

Bergen Logistics

Send product data, pick tickets, advance shipment notifications to Bergen. Sync inventory and tracking information back to Uphance.


Uphance API

Build custom integrations using the extensive API exposed by Uphance.

int shipstation


Powerful shipping software for discounted shipping costs from many carriers and for printing shipping labels. Connect with Stitchex for easy shipping services.

int joor


Integrate with the premier online wholesale marketplace. Send product and customer information to JOOR, and receive orders into Uphance.


Uphance Warehouse

Uphance Warehouse helps the warehouse team quickly and conveniently pick, pack, and ship orders with barcode scanning.

the iconic

The Iconic Marketplace

Start selling on The Iconic Marketplace, the leading online fashion marketplace for Australia and New Zealand.



Send product data, pick tickets, advance shipment notifications to NRI. Sync inventory and tracking information back to Uphance.



ACR Supply Partners is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider in Australia. Send and receive orders and production, and keep stock always in sync.

de nederlandse

De Nederlandse

De Nederlandse is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider in the Netherlands. Send and receive orders, returns and production, and keep stock always in sync.



Moodja is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider in Germany. Send and receive orders and production, and keep stock always in sync.



Microlistics is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider in Australia. Send and receive orders and production, and keep stock always in sync.


The Zalando Marketplace

Start selling on Zalando, the leading online marketplace for fashion and shoes in Europe.



Stockbase unites forces of suppliers and retailers and creates more selling opportunities for everyone.



Accounts Receivable and Factoring services to businesses based on both purchase orders and invoices.

Benefits of a Warehouse Management System

Simplify, streamline, and demystify your warehouse operations and a lot more. Uphance is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that helps you regain control of all aspects of your e-commerce operations, including B2B wholesale.

Reduced Inventory Holding Costs

Save inventory holding costs by maximizing inventory life and accurately predicting trends. Uphance allows you to test quality and quantity at all key checkpoints when moving inventory while leveraging inventory forecasts for stock replenishment.

Remove Manual Bottlenecks

With conventional warehouse management, manual processes and paperwork can be problematic. A warehouse management system eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork, manual processes, and the errors associated with them.

Enhanced Picking and Packing

A warehouse management system will help you automate workflows that ensure the right products are picked, packed, and shipped to the right people at the right time.

Resource Optimization

Optimize all aspects of your warehouse management including space, labor, and stock flows. This will ensure that you consistently meet your strategic business objectives without negatively affecting your bottom line.

Transparent Pricing to Suit Your Business Needs

Monthly prices shown with annual billing. Big savings over monthly









Frequently Asked Questions

Warehouse management essentially refers to all the principles and processes involved in the day-to-day running of a warehouse. This involves processes like inventory management, space organization, and labor management.
A warehouse management system follows the key principles of warehouse management and ensures that your products and materials move through your warehouses efficiently and cost-effectively.
You can connect as many marketplaces as possible to Uphance’s warehouse management system.

Yes. Uphance automatically syncs and consolidates inventory across multiple stores and warehouse locations.