Solutions for Brands

One-Stop Digital Solution to Streamline Product Development and Grow Your Brand

Leverage the power of an apparel ERP to build lasting connections with retailers, streamline inventory management and product development and grow your sales.

fashion management software

Simplified Inventory Management for Clothing Brands

Use the time you would have otherwise spent managing and tracking your inventory in supporting your customers and growing your sales.

Uphance makes it easy to automate inventory management processes and track stock movement across different storage locations and sales channels.

inventory management for brands
Fashion wholesale software solution

B2B Platform That Fosters Lasting Relationship With Retailers

Connect and collaborate with retailers and thrill them with your product connection via a custom-built B2B wholesale platform. Curate assortments they can’t resist and watch your sales shoot for the sky. 

Intelligent Reporting

Take the guesswork out of your business by leveraging the intelligent, accurate reports Uphance provides to make smarter business decisions.

Robust Warehouse Management System

Eliminate mispicks and errors from your order fulfillment process with an efficient warehouse management software. Best of all, you can add as many warehouses as you want to Uphance and manage them all from one spot.

Fashion Order Management Solution

Uphance gives you eyes and ears over your sales orders, giving you a consolidated overview of your entire sales process. Our seamless integration with eCommerce and POS systems like Shopify and Vend smoothens sales data management.

Hundreds of brands manage their businesses using Uphance. Schedule a demo to find out why.