ERP Software for Apparel Distributors Looking to Grow Speedily.

See why clothing distributors are using Uphance as an ERP software to streamline inventory management and speed up order fulfillment.

fashion distribution management software

Robust Inventory Management for Garment Distributors.

Gain full control over your inventory and optimize your stock levels to meet customer demand and avoid stockout problems. Keep a watchful eye on your inventory from the moment you place a production order with a brand to the moment your ship items to customers, hence checkmating potential overstocking issues capable of choking your cashflow. 

Inventory management for distributors
wholesale order management for distributors

Omnichannel Order Management Software for Clothing Distributors.

Manage orders across all your sales channels, including in-store and online, from one spot. Fulfill wholesale orders speedily and efficiently in the most cost-effective manner, keeping your retail customers satisfied. 

Connect and Collaborate With an Always-On B2B Platform.

Connect and collaborate with retailers across the globe on a 24/7 basis with an always-on B2B platform . Delight your customers with an unforgettable self-buying experience and empower your sales reps for optimal performance.

Multi-Warehouse Management for Fashion Distributors.

Uphance provides you with all the tools to run your warehouse efficiently, allowing you to track stock coming in and out of your warehouses, even if they are spread in different locations. 

If you use a 3PL warehouse provider instead, Uphance still has you covered. 


Purchase With Precision and Confidence.​

Streamline your purchasing process. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to efficiency. Create purchase orders quickly, at the right time and in the right quantity to maintain optimal inventory levels, keep your supply chain running smoothly and customers happy.

Purchase order management software

Multi-currency Wholesaling and Accounting.

Leverage Uphance’s robust multicurrency capabilities to enjoy hassle-free cross-border wholesaling. Sell to customers halfway across the world without worrying about currency conversion problems.

Detailed Reporting for Smarter Decision-Making.

Take the guesswork out of your operations by gleaning insights from reliable reports. From sales reports to inventory reports to agent reports, Uphance has you covered.

Seamless Integration With Wholesale Platforms

Expand sales to foreign markets by seamlessly connecting to wholesale platforms like JOOR. Process orders from JOOR right in Uphance with a few clicks of the button.