Apparel Order Management Software for Helping Fashion Brands Succeed

As your fashion business grows and processes become more complex, Uphance can help you minimize your manual inventory and order management tasks. Uphance’s Order Management software is purpose-built to help you increase accuracy and efficiency for your apparel brand.

Scale Your Apparel Brand with Uphance’s Order Management Features

If you’re keen on scaling your fashion brand, the Uphance Apparel ERP software offers built-in order management functionality that improves every aspect of your e-commerce operations.
Uphance understands the importance of order management to the overall success of your fashion brand. Our apparel ERP solution is built specifically for the fashion industry and includes features tailored to resolve your most pressing challenges.

Multi-channel Visibility & Support

Achieving seamless multi-channel operations is impossible without a centralized management platform. Uphance’s order management solution allows you to scale your apparel e-commerce operations by syncing data regarding your order, inventory, and profitability from all platforms and managing from a unified dashboard.

Automated Operations

Imagine the time it would take to manually track pricing for different suppliers, create purchase orders, or make accurate and reliable forecasts. Uphance makes all of these processes less daunting by automating them. With the Uphance Apparel ERP solution, you can effectively eliminate human error and save time and money by automating critical aspects of your fashion e-commerce operations.

Real-time Updates

Uphance gives you full visibility of your orders and inventory updates in real-time. This empowers your team members with an accurate picture of your inventory count or orders at any given moment, indicating which SKUs are running out or available.

Analytics and Reporting

High-quality analytics and reporting from the Uphance apparel ERP tool will help you to quickly understand your business performance and customer habits. It’ll also allow you to gain clarity and deep insights into your spending and ongoing replenishment needs. Most importantly, the analytics and reports are provided in a user-friendly and intuitive way that allows you to leverage to your advantage.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Take your order fulfillment and warehouse operations to the next level with digital picking and packing.

Automated Invoicing

Save time by automatically generating invoices and reports for your orders.

Returns Management

Manage returns seamlessly from your order management dashboard.

Bulk Updates

Eliminate performing repetitive tasks and focus your time and resources on completing more orders in less time.

Backorder Management

Seamlessly manage orders that are currently out-of-stock or yet to be produced.

Transparent Pricing to Suit Your Business Needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Order management refers to the summation of all the processes and actions required to successfully deliver a product to a customer.

An order management system is software that helps you to digitally manage the lifecycle of an order. It offers visibility to both your business and your buyers and keeps track of all information and processes like order entry, inventory management, fulfillment, and review collection.

Uphance allows you to integrate the top marketplaces globally. We currently support the top marketplaces including Amazon, Shopify, The Iconic, and Zalando, alongside more than 20 additional support integrations.
There are many order management solutions in the market but when it comes to apparel businesses, Uphance offers a purpose-built solution. Uphance is built specifically for the apparel industry and includes ready-to-use features for apparel brands.