End-to-End Apparel Inventory Management Software

An apparel inventory management software for streamlining your fashion business operations and growing.

Apparel Inventory Software that fashion Brands can Trust

Imagine an apparel inventory software that resolves your fashion brand’s inventory management challenges and automatically syncs your multichannel, multi-warehouse, and multi-location inventory. That’s the Uphance effect. Uphance is built for the fashion industry and speaks the language you understand.

Track & Control Inventory

Uphance automatically syncs and tracks all your inventory regardless of location, and keeps you in the loop.

Advanced, Yet Simple Product Management

Manage your products and their variants the easy way.

Improved Visibility for Modern Fashion Brands

Running a modern fashion e-commerce brand requires complete visibility of your entire business operations.

Simplified Warehouse Operations

Improve your overall warehouse efficiency across your e-commerce business.

Transparent Pricing to Suit Your Business Needs

Monthly prices shown with annual billing. Big savings over monthly









More Than an Inventory Management Software

Uphance is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software solution for fashion brands. It offers value beyond what a typical apparel inventory software can provide. Manage your entire business operations and generate deep insights like never before with Uphance.

One Software For Your Inventory Management, Picking, and Shipping

Manage your entire fashion business operations with Uphance’s Apparel Inventory Management Software. Uphance provides a unified platform that allows you to effectively handle all aspects of your inventory management. Rather than having separate tools for inventory management, PLM, and CRM, get Uphance.

Imagine the unlimited possibilities that come with managing your inventory, picking and packing digitally, and fulfilling orders from one powerful platform. These possibilities come alive with Uphance.

Order Automation and Fulfilment

Automate repeatable aspects of your order management and fulfillment.

Digital Picking and Packing

Take your order fulfillment and warehouse operations to the next level with digital picking and packing.

Multichannel Inventory Management

Seamlessly manage your inventory across multiple platforms and marketplaces.

Intelligent Forecasting

Generate actionable insights that aid decision-making at all levels of your apparel brand operations.

Shipping Management

Streamline your shipping and improve overall order fulfillment.

Accounting and CRM

Leverage the built-in Uphance CRM tool or integrate your preferred solution. Seamlessly integrate accounting solutions like QuickBooks to make the most of your numbers.