Profit Margin Calculator

A free, handy tool for quickly calculating selling prices and profit margins

Why to You Need a Profit Margin Calculator?

Pricing your products correctly is crucial for the success of your business. Pricing them too low will lead to a loss of profits whereas pricing them too high will drive your customers away. 

Using a profit margin calculator lets you figure out the right markup to add to your product to make the most profit, while still staying competitive in the market.

Reasons to Use this Tool

This margin calculator will help you calculate the selling price and the gross profit margin for your products. Play around with the markup percent so you can visualize different pricing scenarios for your products. You can arrive at both retail and wholesale prices by adjusting the desired markup percentage.

Plus, you won’t have to worry your head about using the right profit formula, as this tool takes care of that for you. 

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By using this free Gross Profit Margin Calculator you can determine the selling price and gross profit margin for your products according to the desired markup percent. See our blog to learn more about product pricing and profit margin calculations.

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