Take the hassle out of wholesale payment collection and get paid faster with

Uphance Payments

Set your invoicing and payment collection on autopilot

We have created a faster and easier payment experience for you and your customers

Automate your entire payment functionality – invoicing, reminders, payments & posting

Stay in control of your cash flow

Uphance Payments give you peace of mind by making it easier for you to get paid faster. Say goodbye to manual reminders and delayed payments.

Seamless integration

Accept payments and see them posted automatically into Uphance and then transferred into your integrated Accounting systems.

Customers pay from your invoice

Uphance invoices come with a Pay Now function. Bill wholesale customers in a single click and offer them an easy payment experience.

Wholesale invoicing and payment collection are now hassle-free with Uphance Payments

Low rates

Uphance Payments is available in 16 countries and offers low rates for domestic and international payments.

International Payments

Accept payments in most currencies. More control over currency exchange with multiple bank accounts.

Truly Global

Take your business global easily without the need of a financial expert on your team.

Frequently asked questions about Uphance Payments for B2B/Wholesale

What is Uphance Payments?

Uphance Payments is a built-in B2B payment solution that helps brands and distributors get paid faster for their wholesale orders.

Who is Uphance Payments good for?

Uphance Payments will work best for B2B payments as it is optimized to follow wholesale payments workflows.

How does Uphance Payments work with Uphance?

Uphance Payments seamlessly integrates with all invoices in Uphance. Invoices will have a Pay Online button that enables customers to make a payment quickly and easily.

Can I receive funds in different currencies?

You can retain funds received in each currency in a local bank account to avoid currency conversion losses. Uphance lets you setup multiple bank accounts, one active for each currency.

How secure is Uphance Payments?

Uphance Payments is PCI compliant and uses TLS 1.2 encryption.

What are the transaction fees?

Transaction fees depend on your country. Contact us via chat for specifics.

Can I pass the transaction fees on to my customer?

Uphance Payments gives you the option to pass the fees on to the customer. In that case, there is no cost to you.

How can get started with Uphance Payments?

If you are using Uphance, go to Apps and add the Uphance Payments app. Setup is quick and simple.

Wholesale invoicing and payment collection made easy with Uphance Payments

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