Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Uphance trial is good for 14-days. Simply sign up for the plan that seems to fit best based on the features shown above. If you are unsure, contact us via chat. Or, choose Plus, which is the most popular and most widely used plan. You can change your plan easily anytime.

We do not ask for payment information at the time of your trial. You will enter payment information only when you activate your subscription.

You do not have to enter credit card information for the trial. You will need that only when activating your subscription.

You can cancel an active subscription anytime. The cancelation takes effect at the end of the current period, whether monthly or annual. We do not offer refunds.

Yes, you can change plans anytime during your trial. You can also change plans after activating your subscription. Upgrades will take effect immediately and the payment for the current period is prorated and adjusted. Downgrades and cancellations take effect at the end of the current period, whether monthly or annual.

In your Uphance account, go to the Subscription page in the profile menu on the top right. You can change plans if needed, and then provide your payment details to activate your subscription.

Choose annual billing and you’ll get 20%-25% off our monthly prices.

Yes, you can email us anytime at [email protected] or reach us via the chat box at the bottom right. We provide the normal level of support during your trial period.

Frequently Asked Questions about Uphance Payments

Uphance Payments is a built-in B2B payment solution that helps brands and distributors get paid faster for their wholesale orders.

Uphance Payments seamlessly integrates with all invoices in Uphance. Invoices will have a Pay Online button that enables customers to make a payment quickly and easily.

Uphance Payments is PCI compliant and uses TLS 1.2 encryption.
Uphance Payments gives you the option to pass the fees on to the customer. In that case, there is no cost to you.
Uphance Payments will work best for B2B payments as it is optimized to follow wholesale payments workflows.
You can retain funds received in each currency in a local bank account to avoid currency conversion losses. Uphance lets you setup multiple bank accounts, one active for each currency.
Transaction fees depend on your country. Contact us via chat for specifics.
If you are using Uphance, go to Apps and add the Uphance Payments app. Setup is quick and simple.