Quickbooks Commerce (TradeGecko) Alternative

See why Uphance is a great alternative to Quickbooks Commerce/Tradegecko 


On June 10, 2022, Quickbooks retired Quickbooks Commerce (formerly Tradegecko). Prior to that, Quickbooks Commerce was one of the top go-to inventory control solutions for businesses looking to automate their inventory, order, and warehouse management, while focusing on growing their business. 

Now that Tradegecko is no longer available, it makes sense to look for a suitable alternative inventory control software that is complete, scalable, powerful, and yet affordable. And what better solution to use than Uphance? 

Reasons Why You Need an Inventory Control Solution

A lot of processes go into running a manufacturing or retail business, whether online or offline. Tracking and managing your inventory, optimizing your warehouse, delivering customers’ orders, handling invoices, etc. are a few of them. 

Attempting to handle these processes manually using a spreadsheet would be immensely time-consuming, inefficient, and downright impractical.

As such, you are better off using an inventory control system.

In the simplest sense, an inventory control system is a software that enables you to manage every aspect of your inventory, including shipping, storage, purchasing, and production. 

Some of the benefits of using an inventory control solution include: 

  • Cost saving  
  • Reduces errors and boost efficiency 
  • Improves order fulfillement 
  • More sales and more profits
  • Betters customer satisfaction

Why Uphance?

Uphance is an apparel ERP specifically designed for apparel/fashion business looking for an inventory automation solution that is powerful, customizable, complete, and pocket-friendly. 

This is unlike Quickbooks Commerce/Tradegecko which is a generalist inventory control software. 

With Uphance, you don’t need any spreadsheet to manage and track your inventory. Only a few taps of the button will do. 

Other interesting features of Uphance include: 

  • Product information dashboard
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Production and purchasing management 
  • Warehouse management system
  • Several app integrations

Why Uphance Is a Great Quickbooks Commerce/Tradegecko Alternative

Uphance is an apparel inventory control software that has the combined power of an ERP, PLM, and CRM. On top of that, Uphance is easy to use and offers you round-the-clock support. 

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