Infor Alternative

See why Uphance is the best Infor alternative


Are you in the market for the best Infor alternative for your apparel business? Uphance is definitely your best bet. 

Infor is a multi-purpose business solution with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WFM (Workforce Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management), etc. modules anyone can use, regardless of the industry. 

Uphance, on the other hand, is a dedicated apparel ERP system, with PLM and CRM capabilities, exclusively meant for fashion and apparel businesses, including retail and manufacturing outfits. 

This easily makes Uphance an ERP of choice if you are looking for a complete business solution to improve and grow your fashion/apparel business, without breaking the bank. 

Reasons Why You Need a Fashion ERP solution

Managing an apparel business online efficiently can be a herculean task. There is just a lot to do in too little time.

You’d have to split your time between sourcing for products, updating your inventory levels each time you make a sale, managing communication with customers, fulfilling orders, and an endless list of other tasks. 

Attempting to handle these processes manually using a spreadsheet would be immensely time-consuming, inefficient, and downright impractical.

For these reasons, an apparel ERP solution is your best bet. 

Running your fashion/apparel business using an apparel ERP: 

  • Makes it easy for your customers to track their orders and view their invoices 
  • Lets you engage your customers on a personal level to improve their buying experience
  • Simplifies your inventory management process, allowing you to update stock levels across your sales channels in real-time
  • Makes selling wholesale and managing your warehouse a breeze
  • Saves you cost and plenty of time
  • Improves your order fulfilment process, further boosting customer satisfaction 

And many more. 

An Overview of Uphance

Uphance is an all-inclusive apparel management software designed for businesses looking to boost efficiency and manage their processes better without breaking the bank. 

With Uphance, you don’t need any spreadsheet to manage your customers’ data and info, thanks to the built-in Customer Relationship Management tool it has.

Other interesting features of Uphance include: 

  • Product information dashboard
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Production and purchasing management 
  • Several app integrations

An Overview of Infor

Infor is a multi-purpose business solution used across several industries, such as Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, Beverage, Fashion, and many more. 

Like Uphance, Infor also comes with lots of tools and features, and they include: 

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Warehousing and Transportation
  • Workforce Management
  • Financial Management

A Close-up View of Uphance Features

Product Information Dashboard

It’s easy to manage a few dozen products using a spreadsheet. 

However, things can quickly get complicated when your catalogue grows to hundreds of products with several variants and different SKUs. Using a spreadsheet at this point won’t cut it. 

This is why you need Uphance. 

Uphance comes with a product information dashboard that lets you track and manage your products with ease.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Uphance has a built-in CRM solution that makes maintaining communication with your customers and keeping them up-to-date with their orders a stress-less experience. And not just your customers but also your employees. 

With Uphance’s CRM solution, you can easily track your customers’ contact information, including their phone numbers, ID, country, state, and city with pinpoint accuracy

Order Management

Seamless Order Management is another cool feature Uphance offers you. With this tool, you can manage your orders across all channels, brands, and warehouses. 

What’s more, Uphance’s Order Management solution makes it easy to create and manage internal orders, generate invoices on the fly, track customer payments along with payment dates and methods, and many more. 

Why Uphance is a Great Infor Alternative

Uphance is definitely your best bet if you are looking for an enterprise solution uniquely tailored to the fashion and apparel industry that is easy to use and at the same time affordable. 

Plus, Uphance supports several app and marketplace integrations, including Shopify, WooCommerce, JOOR Marketplace, Zalando, and many more.