Capture Sales anywhere with the Mobile Sales App

Increase Sales at fashion shows & showrooms

Target oriented app

Capture Sales, even without an internet connection

Practical and can be used anywhere

Spend less time and money on printing order sheets

Increase productivity

Any device – iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet

Compatible on all devices

Get the app for your phone or tablet

Mobile App

Uphance Mobile Sales is available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Download it from the iOS App Store or from the Google Play Store respectively. If you are viewing this on your phone or tablet, click the link for the store.

Scan QR Code

If you are viewing this page from a different device, you can scan this QR Code from your phone or tablet to download the app.

How do I activate the mobile sales app?

Get free use of the app with your Uphance subscription.

In the Apps page in Uphance, add Mobile Sales to “My Apps” and get started using it.

Download the app by scanning this QR code

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Uphance is the complete business management software for fashion brands to manage all aspects of their business including customers, products, sales, invoices, ordering, inventory, shipping, and production. It helps you gain control over and streamline operations, more accurately forecast revenues and manage costs. You are freed up from the mundane tasks – to be creative, focus your energy on growing your business.