Fashion PLM Software for Apparel Industry

An Apparel PLM Software exclusively designed for fashion and apparel businesses looking to improve their business processes and supercharge their bottom line.

A Tried-And-True PLM Solution for Fashion Companies

Uphance is a garment Product Lifecycle Management software uniquely designed for fashion and apparel businesses. It is packed with lots of tools to help you improve productivity and manage your supply chain.

Tech pack

Materials/BOM management

Development status

Detailed reporting


PLM software tech pack

Tech Packs

Convey your apparel design ideas to your manufacturer by creating an elaborate, detailed tech pack. Creating tech packs in Uphance is easy and super fast.

Materials/BOM Management

Track and manage raw materials for production, including production orders from your manufacturer directly from your dashboard. Create and update the bill of material (BOM) for your inventory supplies with a few taps of the button.

product development stages

Development Status

Keep an eye on your goods in production across their developmental stages: Sales Sample, Prototype, Preproduction, and Bulk Production.

Detailed Reporting

See your sales report by SKU, variation, size, customer, season, and many more in real-time. Get a bird-eye view over your inventory level across all your sales channels, including inventory yet to be delivered by your supplier.

detailed reporting


No garment PLM software is ever complete without linesheet creation capabilities. Certainly not Uphance. Lots of linesheet templates to choose from, and an intuitive design editor.

How PLM Systems Benefit Your Fashion/Apparel Business

Integrating a Product Lifecycle Management system into your business will cost money – and time. So why bother? Well, here are some valid reasons:

  • Faster time-to-market for your products, leading to better customer satisfaction

  • Fashion retail PLM systems take the guesswork out of your operations, the end result being higher efficiency

  • Better productivity. Managing every aspect of your product, including design, marketing, workflow, etc., using a PLM software leads to higher productivity.

  • Simplified supply chain management

  • More revenue. By making it easy for your products to get to the market faster and eliminating operational bottlenecks in your product lifecycle management process, PLM systems let you generate more sales and revenue

Best PLM System for Apparel Brands

When picking a PLM software for your business, there are certain key features to look for. One is ease of use. You wouldn’t want a system that has a steep learning curve. 

Secondly, you will want to go for a system that makes creating tech packs a breeze. The best PLM system should also support several app integrations. 

Why use Uphance

Robust inventory management

Lots of integrations

Streamlined material management

Easy to use

Streamlined material management


PLM software is a solution that lets you manage all the stages a product goes through, starting from ideation to entering the market to the final phasing out.

Product Lifecycle Management software enables you to manage a product all through its key stages, starting from initial entry into the market to final phasing out. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, on the other hand, allows you to handle the product storage, logistics, and fulfillment.

In most cases, yes it does. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows for frictionless communication with your customers. Uphance, for instance, has a powerful CRM module. 

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