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Uphance is loaded with useful features, that relieve you from manual tasks and keep things organized and under control. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Uphance is not only built by us, but also by our users.

Unlimited Products

Add all your products and styles along with their color & fabric variations and their various sizes.  Add beautiful pictures and other attachments.  Add raw materials and costs.  See “in stock” and “available to sell” quantities. All in one place.

Beautiful Line Sheets

Let Uphance generate beautiful line sheets for you, quickly and automatically.  Get them for various channels, currencies, markets.  Get them for different seasons or collections.  Flexible and easy.

Unlimited Customers

Keep track of all your customers, suppliers, manufacturers.  The companies as well as your contacts at those companies.  Their shipping and billing addresses.  Phone numbers and email addresses.  Everything you need, neatly organized.

Sales Orders

Uphance allows you to record all your sales orders from your stockists or retailers with details of products, styles, colors, sizes and quantities of each. Includes payment terms, billing & shipping addresses and contacts.


You can generate proforma invoices before the order is confirmed. You can invoice the entire amount at once, you can invoice a deposit amount, or you can invoice for each consignment. All the flexibility you need.

Accounts Receivable

Uphance lets you track all invoices on which payments are still due. Helps you collect your cash to keep your business healthy and running smoothly.


Uphance helps you pick, pack and ship your wholesale orders. And shipments automatically reduce your stock levels to keep your inventory accurate and up to date.

Inventory Tracking

Always have complete visibility into your inventory levels – incoming quantities, committed quantities, and available to sell quantities.

Online Wholesale Store

Sell to your agents, stockists or retailers online through your own wholesale store online. Increase sales and reduce manual effort and errors in recording sales orders.

Currencies & Channels

Sell your fashion products – apparel, footwear, jewelry or accessories all over the world. Setup any number of channels and currencies to suit the different countries, markets or geographical locations.

Production Orders

Uphance will prepare your production order based on the sales orders you received for the season. No need to manually work your production orders. Save time and gain accuracy.

Material Requirements

Since each product can also include a bill of materials, Uphance can quickly and easily get you a list of all materials required for the entire season. What items are required and how many are required?

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Cloud-based. No installation

  • Available anywhere, anytime

  • Works on Windows, Mac, iPad, Android

  • Easy Setup & Configuration

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Unlimited Products, Styles, Colors, Sizes

  • Line Sheets for Various Channels

  • Customers, Suppliers, Manufacturers

  • Extensive Email Capabilities

  • Dropbox Integration

  • Detailed Sales Orders

  • Invoices with Multiple Invoicing Methods

  • Issue Credit Notes

  • Accounts Receivable Tracking

  • Unlimited Currencies

  • Xero Integration

  • QuickBooks Online Integration

  • Tools for Pick & Pack

  • Shipments with Inventory Adjustment

  • Goods Receipts

  • Complete Inventory Tracking

  • Online Wholesale Store

  • Shopify Integration

  • WooCommerce Integration

  • Automatic Production Orders

  • Automatic Material Requirements

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Help Documentation

  • Onboarding Assistance

  • Top-Notch Support Service

  • Ongoing Updates & Enhancements

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Integrations with other systems you use

Uphance gives you limitless potential to build a complete platform. You can setup easy integrations with accounting systems, online stores, and logistics providers.

User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our user base. When you buy Uphance, there is no need to worry about customer support. Check out what our highly satisfied users are saying about Uphance!

“I LOVE this software.”

Very comprehensive and covers all of our production and sales order needs. I LOVE this software. I honestly can’t imagine how I’d operate this business without it and I’m really excited about improvements and integrations. – Theresa James, RVDesigns Inc.

Uphance is intuitive and web-based and works on all devices. I highly recommend it.

Stephanie Kamber, Julian Zigerli

Fashion focused ERP solution with software as a service subscription model. Wide integration into other platforms that we also use, Shopify and Xero.com.

Noble Ekajeh, Kiki Kamanu

Uphance ERP is simple and beautiful. It has made our life much easier, no need for unreliable spreadsheets anymore.

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Uphance is the complete business management software for fashion brands to manage all aspects of their business including customers, products, sales, invoices, ordering, inventory, shipping, and production. It helps you gain control over and streamline operations, more accurately forecast revenues and manage costs. You are freed up from the mundane tasks – to be creative, focus your energy on growing your business.

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