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Introducing Uphance

We are renaming our product from Stitchex to Uphance!

Uphance will enhance your operations and help you grow faster. 

While confusion surrounding the Stitchex name led us to the rebrand, the changes coming are not limited to our name. Stitchex has progressed over the past 18 months into helping you do more and has evolved into Uphance. Our goal has always been to help you be more efficient in managing operations, improve customer satisfaction and grow sales. Uphance has expanded to cover all operational areas to help you reach $10M in annual revenues.

Uphance is a PIM – helps manage product information and disseminate that information consistently across your sales channels

Uphance is a CRM – helps manage customer relationships to improve customer satisfaction and grow sales

Uphance is an order management system – manage wholesale and eCommerce orders from all sources including showroom, mobile app, eCommerce stores, and other marketplaces

Uphance is an inventory management system – to give you real-time visibility into what you have in stock, available to sell, what you need to purchase or make

Uphance is a production management system – to help you manage your raw materials, purchasing, costs, and actual production

Uphance is a B2B eCommerce platform – your own online presence for wholesale operations

Uphance includes a Mobile Sales app to capture sales on the road or at trade shows.

More integrations with other systems you use, to give you one unified platform.

Over the coming weeks, you will start seeing changes in branding in all of our resources. However, you can start using the new system right away at


You can login with your current Stitchex username and password. All of your data is available from both Stitchex and Uphance but you will see more features and enhanced functionality on Uphance.

Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars for more details on Uphance and the transition from Stitchex.

Tuesday, November 12th, 4:00 PM CST

Wednesday, November 13th, 7:00 AM CST

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Uphance is the complete business management software for fashion brands to manage all aspects of their business including customers, products, sales, invoices, ordering, inventory, shipping, and production. It helps you gain control over and streamline operations, more accurately forecast revenues and manage costs. You are freed up from the mundane tasks – to be creative, focus your energy on growing your business.

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