Feature Announcement: Drops

Drive more sales by creating hype for your products 

We are super excited to let you know that the product Drops feature is now live and functional in Uphance.
This feature lets you create hype around your products. Plus, it allows you to stir up a sense of urgency in your customers to get them to act quickly, hence driving up your sales.

What does this mean for you?

This means you can now leverage scarcity marketing by creating a sense of urgency and stirring up FOMO (fear of missing out) in your customers to get them to act switftly. 

It also means you can now create massive anticipation for your products so that when they hit the market, you will have a herd of customers ready to fall head over heels to get them. 

Most importantly, it means more sales for you. 

How does Drops work in Uphance?

You can set up drops for single products, sales orders, and production orders in Uphance. Here’s how it works.

Add a new Drop

Create new Drops along with the Drop name and date from the settings page in Uphance.

You can also modify previous Drops. 

Assign Drops to products

After creating a new drop, you can easily assign it to a product variant right from your dashboard.

Assign Drops to production orders

Uphance allows you to assign Drops to new production orders with a few clicks of the button 

Assign Drops to sales orders

You can also assign Drops to new sales orders, just like you would with production orders. 

Edit your Drops

Want to adjust a particular Drop to accommodate a new product? That’s definitely not a problem!

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What’s Next?

We are continously adding new features to Uphance and improving existing ones. Keep an eye out for this space