Seamless Inventory Management by Integrating Iconic Marketplace

Integrate The Iconic Marketplace with Uphance to enjoy seamless inventory and order management capabilities for your apparel brand. Uphance allows you to integrate all your marketplace accounts and manage your operations from one dashboard.

The Iconic + Uphance Inventory Management

Purpose-built features to help your apparel brand maximize the exposure from

The Iconic Marketplace.

Bulk Product Updates

Save time and resources by performing bulk updates to your products on The Iconic marketplace.

Automated Inventory Sync

Automatically sync your inventory with The Iconic and other online marketplaces without logging into different platforms. Uphance allows you to automate your stock levels to ensure that your customers have up-to-date information on product availability.

Real-time Order Tracking

Update your customers on The Iconic marketplace with the status of their shipped orders in real-time. Automatically let your customers know when their orders have been shipped.

Seamless Order Fulfillment

If you have a multi-channel strategy that includes The Iconic, Integration with Uphance will allow you to fulfill orders from all your marketplaces from one dashboard seamlessly.

Why You Should Use Uphance for Managing your Account on The Iconic Marketplace

Purpose-built for the Apparel Industry

Uphance is explicitly built for apparel businesses and offers many industry-specific features. Fast-growing fashion brands can expect immediate value with Uphance.

Optimized for B2B and B2C multi-channel apparel companies

We’re not just built for multi-channel retail operations. Uphance offers features built to streamline B2B wholesale operations for apparel brands.

End-to-end ERP Solution

Uphance removes the need to use multiple tools for managing your apparel operations. It offers a fully-featured enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that allows apparel businesses to streamline essential parts of their operations, including Order Management, Warehouse Management, Marketplace Integrations, and Product Lifecycle Management.

Other Marketplace Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Uphance integrates with the top online marketplaces for apparel brands, including The Iconic. Integrating Uphance and The Iconic will allow you to manage your apparel brand’s multi-channel operations from a single platform.

If you run multiple brands via The Iconic, Uphance can help you sync these accounts and their orders with your inventory seamlessly.

Uphance users can manage and fulfill The Iconic orders from the Uphance dashboard.

Integrating your The Iconic account with Uphance will allow you to leverage advanced order fulfillment capabilities that will enable your customers to track their orders and shipments in real-time.